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Guide to Buying the Right Lawn Mower

For every homeowner, a freshly cut and clean lawn is something they wish to achieve. But in reality, it’s pretty difficult and challenging to be able to maintain your lawn that way. Unless you have your own gardener or someone you pay to maintain it, you’re faced with the responsibility of taking care of it on your own. Fortunately, you can cut the usual time in finishing the job in half by buying and using a lawn mower.

But just like buying any kind of equipment for home improvement, you first need to understand what your options are before you can buy the right type. First off, you must learn what the different types of lawn mowers are available for you.

Lawn Mower Types

1 – Manual Reel Mower

Although this lawn mower is considered the oldest, it still is preferred by many homeowners, especially those with small lawns because it is affordable and eco-friendly. The absence of an engine means that you will be pushing it as the circular blades rotate and cut grass.

2 – Electric

If you’re planning to purchase an electric lawn mower, you should know that the two most notable advantages are: it operates quietly and it requires low maintenance. You can choose two distinct types – the corded and cordless version. But mind you, electric lawn mowers aren’t that powerful which means they are only ideal for flat and small/averaged sized lawns.

3 – Gas Powered Lawn Mowers

Lastly, a gas lawn mower is the one you should be focusing on if you have a very wide lawn or large yard, which means you need the most power to cover more ground. But with greater power means higher maintenance and operational costs, plus the fact that it is pricier to buy.


Now after you’ve figured out the specific type of lawn mower best suited for your lawn and maintenance job, it’s time to take a closer look at the features.

1 – Speed Control

A lot of homeowners want their lawn mowers to have a speed control option because it allows them to mow their lawns or yards faster or slower, depending on the situation. But then again, you can’t expect a manual reel mower to come equipped with this feature.

2 – Mulching Option

The nice thing about having a mulching option is you can cut the grass into very tiny clippings, which in return will easily sift back to the surface of the soil.

3 – Cutting Width

Lastly, you will want to consider a lawn mower with a wide cutting width option because you no longer have to do multiple passes, thus allowing you to finish the job faster.

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